Advanced Mindset Training and Mentoring for Athletes committed to Achieving and
"Living the Dream"

"After retiring from my MLB and 15yr Pro career,

I chose to help other Athletes strengthen the most important aspect of their game—Mindset. 

Just like physical talent and mechanics, an Athlete must maximize their Confidence, Focus, and Resiliency in order to Achieve their Biggest Goals and Dreams.

Early in my Mindset Coaching, I began teaching each mental performance principle in Animal Metaphors so Athletes would learn faster exactly what to do and when.

These Animal Triggers are incredibly effective by working at an unconscious level—because we all know a BEAST doesn't overthink, doesn't doubt their talent or feel sorry for themselves—a BEAST trusts, and a BEAST attacks."

- Jason Botts, Certified Mindset Coach and Founder of LIKE A BEAST, LLC

the BEAST Mindset Trainings

Play like a BEAST Audios

12 High Powered Visualizations & Mindset Lessons to train Athletes to take Confidence, Focus, and Resiliency to Extraordinary New Levels.

*Special Bonuses Included- 2hrs of Interviews with MLB Players on Mindset, and 2 Video Training Clips from the Elite BEASTS program.

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The Elite BEASTS Group Training

A 6 week Live Video Group Training led by Jason Botts. 

Each hour long call dives deep into planned Mental Performance lessons, along with plenty of time for individual questions answered, and coaching towards the next week's performances.

A must for Athletes who are fully committed to building the High Performance Mindset needed to achieve their biggest goals and dreams.

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Private Coaching

In select times of year, Jason personally provides Mindset training and mentoring to a small number of Athletes 1on1. Short-term packages available—perfect for the Athlete needing a quick turn around in their season. 

Email for more Information on 1on1 Coaching.

Email [email protected]

Have you listened to the LION Visualization, yet?

Experience for yourself—what the PLAY LIKE A BEAST training is all about.

"He has helped transform her Mindset and Confidence Level and so so so much more! Jason has done just what his program says it does! THANK YOU and THANK YOU for bringing out the BEAST! Any parent that has a kid/s playing a sport, I recommend Jason! "

Mother of A'kili Greene
Lousiana, Softball, 2022

"The visualizations help me SO much more than any other mental or physical practice I've ever had!"

Max Newberg
Texas 14U Baseball

"My son Big Kat is 11 and plays club baseball. Kat has changed his focus and thanks to Jason's audios, he has redirected his mental preparation which thus far has equaled great results. Great info and guidance from Jason. Within a week, without changing mechanics, just his mindset, he is killing the ball."

Paul Hamel, Father
Las Vegas 12U Travel

"Jason is the BEAST of all beasts! I love his perspective on “Beast Mode” principles and it’s obvious he truly lives them out in all that he does. I learn something new from each of our conversations and any time I hear him speak. His mindset knowledge and performance-driven coaching goes beyond baseball. His coaching applies to every aspect in life. If your looking to take your game to another level, Jason is the guy who can take you to your PEAK STATE and reach your goals. Unleash the beast from within!"

Shane Austin
PRO Quarterback, CAFL MVP 2016

"In baseball there is so much failure and negativity that it is easy to get caught up in what you didn’t accomplish every night. Jason’s process helped me flip all of my focus to the positive that happened that day. Whether it was hitting a go-ahead home run or as simple as picking up a teammate after he had a tough strike out, there was positive to be found if I just looked for it."

Dustin Geiger
PRO Baseball Player

"My Daughter listened to her first visualization yesterday before practice and a playoff game. She brought ur message to the plate and went 3-3 with 2 bombs into left field. She has been in a slump for over a month! Thanks so much!!"

Mother of 15yr old

"I am on the travel squad for Washington State and have qualified for our conference championship meet. What has significantly helped are the Play Like a Beast visualizations. Every meet has its own unique challenges and the visualizations each focus on certain nuances that help me settle down and focus. "

Jacob Englar, Pole Vaulter
Washington State University

"Parents and players, I can’t say enough about how Jason Botts has helped my son achieve greater heights in his daily life and athletic career. My son, Connor, was struggling as a lead off hitter for his high school team last spring. His average has jumped roughly 100 points and he continues to climb out of the “slump” that we are all familiar with life and on the field. Now, my son has the tools to handle situations like he experienced and can better address these times when they arise. Inevitably, the tough times will rear their ugly head again, but knowing how to address them, they become less insurmountable"

Brad Joffrion, Father
Louisiana Lafayette University Baseball

"Jason has literally changed one of my High School kids life. He is in more control over his mental state and I can’t thank him enough"

Mike Colangelo, Former MLB
Founder of Virginia Stars Baseball

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