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And for highly-trained and talented ballplayers, failure in the batter's box is rarely the result of their swing mechanics.

In fact, I believe that with 95% of at-bats that end in outs - the hitter had already beaten themselves before they've even moved an inch towards the ball.

However, hitters/parents/coaches continue to grow more obsessed with the science behind the swing - thinking that is what will lead to more success and greater opportunities down the road.

But the truth is: swing mechanics are only one of ten absolutes required for successful hitting in the batter's box.

And what's unfortunate - is that the vast majority of hitters will give next to zero attention to developing the other nine key skills that lead to outstanding "hitability." 

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HAVE BAT, WILL TRAVEL: A Career Full of Lessons (the Workbook Edition)

In HB, WT - Jason tells the story of his journey from a small-town all the way through his fifteen-year career and the major leagues. Each stop of the way he shares the lessons he learned, and his reflections since.

Also included, are many of his HEART OF HITTING stories, 108 BEAST MINDSET lessons, and the HIT LIKE A BEAST drills and workbook questions.

"HB, WT" is an incredibly in-depth book created to help the careers of Hitters and Ballplayers that aspire to play elite college or pro ball.

Best ages for the workbook edition - late middle school, high school & college levels.

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Excerpt from HAVE BAT, WILL TRAVEL: A Career Full of Lessons

"I was very well aware that it was not my moment, but our moment. She had been there since day one, the only shoulder I had ever leaned on. She had sacrificed, and been chasing this dream along with me—every hit and every out she was there by my side. I didn’t do this, we had done it.

A few minutes later, it was time to board the flight to Oakland. I told my mom I loved her once more and thanked her again for letting her little boy dream.

After I walked on the plane and got situated in my seat, I just closed my eyes and thought of all those that told me I’d never be a big leaguer—imagining what their faces would look like when they found out the news themselves."

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"We don't do PLAN B's" #LIVETHEDREAM


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