Hey, it's Jason Botts here, and after a 15-year professional career that took me to small minor league towns to the big leagues to foreign countries like Japan, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and the Dominican Republic...

There is so much I want to teach you about how to be successful long-term in the batter's box and in the game of baseball.

After I retired,


 I knew immediately I would begin my next chapter of life as a mentor and mental coach to other up-and-coming ballplayers…

After all, growing up in a small town without access to great coaching or private hitting instructors - I learned very early on that it would be my mind and mental game that would be the primary force that ultimately helped me to achieve my big league dreams.

Yet, it wouldn’t be until another six years later - when my own two sons asked for daddy to train them to be major leaguers - that I really took a step back and got clear on what exactly passionate and highly-driven ballplayers really need in order to achieve the success (and fulfillment) that they’re truly capable of in their careers.

Because I believe that too many players are focusing on the wrong things…

Things that are not just limiting their development and game-time performance…

But leads them down a path that will destroy their self-confidence, create massive anxiety, while also never allowing them to have as much joy and fun on the field as they could be having.

And I’ve decided to change all that (and the course of ballplayers' futures in the process).

There are now four areas that I teach on...

Areas that I know the majority of late-middle school, high school, and college kids are not being trained in anywhere else.

The first is the BEAST MINDSET: Learning how the brain and the body work to produce a ballplayer’s peak states and their peak performances. It’s the system I’ve used since I first began coaching. It works, and it allows players to take charge of their thoughts and their emotions on the field so that they can be focused, relaxed, and successful in any high-pressured environment.

The second are the HEART OF HITTING lessons: Personally, I believe there are more great swings and fewer great hitters in the game today than ever before. I blame it on technology, but nowadays there is a ridiculous hyper-focus on the mechanics and science of the swing, and next to zero attention placed on the ART of hitting in the batter's box.

After my career took me all across the world - and having had to put up results against all imaginable types of pitching - I can easily say that solid swing mechanics are important, but they still only play an incredibly small part of what makes a hitter successful.

In fact, I believe that there are 10 Absolutes to Successful Hitting, and the quality of the swing doesn’t even make my list (but how a hitter swings at the pitch does).

The HEART OF HITTING lessons I created for hitters as a fast track for them to develop a deeper understanding of what leads to consistency and big seasons at the plate.

The third is what I’ve named:

108 YO-CHI.

If you’ve read my book - HAVE BAT, WILL TRAVEL - then you know how big of a believer I am in the practice of yoga for ballplayers, and what it did for me during the second half of my career.

However, what I didn’t mention in my career’s story, is that I always had an intuitive hunch about something that might be even more impactful to a ballplayer’s development and performance.

And that’s the practice of Tai Chi. Finally, over the last year, I’ve begun to personally practice the discipline - and benefit from its moving meditation - and have begun teaching it to my sons and other ballplayers with mind-blowing results.

108 YO-CHI is a combination of movements rooted in both yoga and Tai Chi, and is an incredibly potent series of exercises that helps calm, center, and teach body awareness and smooth movements to ballplayers.

It’s especially transformational for the analytical and overthinking types of players - helping them to build a deeper connection with their body that leads to more present-moment focus, less anxiety, and an increased connection of mind and body, which leads to faster improvements and quicker adjustments with their mechanics.

Finally, the fourth area I teach on...

Is what I refer to as the NEW PARADIGM OF BASEBALL. Over the last several decades I believe that there has been a series of beliefs about baseball and how to play it that have been taught over and over again. These beliefs, I’ve found to actually be destructive in development, performance, and the fulfillment of a player on their journey.

The NEW PARADIGM I created, both guides player’s to question those outdated beliefs, and helps them to instill their opposite and more empowering ways of thinking. Ultimately leading ballplayers to play the game more relaxed, more trusting, and with greater joy - which radically transforms their rates of development and production at game time in the process.

Although I’m heavily invested at the time with the promotion of HAVE BAT, WILL TRAVEL: A Career Full of Lessons, please don’t hesitate to reach out to how I can help you or your ballplayer with any of my online trainings, or my upcoming private and group coaching calls.

Until then,

Aim High, Swing Hard, and Smile Often!

- JB

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