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with Mindset Trainer and Mental Hitting Coach - Jason Botts

Hey, Jason Botts here.

I must admit, I was excited to teach this one.

If you're successful - then you already understand that Goal-Setting is vital.

The brain is a Goal-Hunting and Achieving Machine 

and it loves details and specifics of what you want to achieve so it can go out in the world and turn it into reality.

However, setting goals for Sports requires a different process than those of the business or personal development world.

There are variables that are exclusive to Baseball and Softball players, and far too many will set goals in a way that actually destroy their momentum to achieving what they want.


On this 80 minute Recorded Call - Jason teaches a Goal-Setting (and Achieving) System designed for Ballplayers, that includes:

  • Advanced lessons in How the Brain works, why goals are vital, and how to set them in the most effective way possible
  • the 4 different levels of Goals that Ballplayers must set (and time to do them)
  • Solutions to the Common Pitfalls of Baseball/Softball Goal-Setting
  • And a 15-minute lesson on RESPA (the 5-step Hitting Approach)


The Call recording will be available for 90 days in the Digital Library, and along with the call the Ballplayers will also receive:

  • PDF worksheets for the Ballplayers to fill out towards their Goals (and will contain additional Beast Mindset Training)
  • 2 Audio Visualizations from the PLAY LIKE A BEAST Program


 Gain Immediate Access to the Call Replay, the Workbook, and the Visualizations below: Cost is $75

(Best Ages 12+)

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