Develop your BEAST MINDSET...

with Jason's new and past online video and audio trainings for highly-driven athletes


the PLAY LIKE A BEAST Visualizations:

12 studio-recorded audio visualizations set to inspiring background music - each preparing athletes for competition while simultaneously instilling the beast mindset lessons to elevate mental strength during performance

  • Also included 3 podcast interviews talking the mental game with major league players - with a combined 11 all-star selections
  • Over an hours worth of video (7 clips in total) of Jason coaching and teaching real athletes through real on-field situations
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12-day BEAST MINDSET Intro Course

12 Videos quick to the point (5 to 7-minutes each) that teaches athletes how their brain and body work to produce their peak states and peak performances

  • Developed at the onset of COVID - with many references - but still as applicable today
  • Each lesson comes with immediate directions on how to practice each mental skill right away to begin the process of building the knowledge into habit
Get the 12-day BEAST course for $37



Jason's original program - and still one of the best for the younger ballplayers (ages 12 and under) new to mindset

  • Learn the 4 most effective strategies to producing a peak state
  • Learn how to put them all together before an at-bat or pitch to supercharge performance