Don't compare yourself today - to last year's Highlight Reel

Uncategorized Jan 21, 2020

This week with the PLAY LIKE A BEAST blog I have a message for those early in their seasons (or soon to be) -

Don’t compare yourself today to last year’s highlight reel.

When Ballplayers and other Athletes come off of “great” seasons -

Too often a year later they only remember the games where everything was clicking.

And they forget about the “bad” games or the “blah/average” days.

It’s great to have high expectations (I actually prefer to teach high standards - there’s a difference if you ponder on it) because it aids as a clear target and provides motivational energy -

However, if you’re constantly comparing yourself to “where you think you should be” it can easily lead to frustration, discouragement and not trusting the process -

Which can halt your momentum and development.

This week on the Elite BEASTS call - I asked: “what’s the least (in terms of performance/improvement) you’d be...

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Why Hitting should feel "Boring"

Uncategorized Jan 16, 2020

Great Hitting is a process - it's a step by step procedure.

And a Hitter must know the steps (and the order) that make them successful in the batter's box so they can develop consistency and play to their full potential throughout a season.

Too often, when Hitters reach a new level and immediate success doesn't follow - they search for quick fixes and make too many changes (and abandon what got them there in the first place).

In this week's blog, I share a video clip from the HIT LIKE A BEAST Online course -

It includes a short story of own career - and a very important lesson on "why hitting should feel boring" that I wished I had learned earlier.

Enjoy, and until next week -

Do the work, trust the process, and stay humble.

- Jason Botts


 Jason is a Mental Hitting Coach and highly trained Peak Performance Strategist to Athletes. Jason's expertise in Mental Skills, Neuroscience, and NLP modeling strategies uniquely combined with his relatability as a...

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Take your Performance to the Next Level


Have you ever had a "good" game  - but felt really frustrated and discouraged that it still wasn't good enough?

High expectations are important for Ballplayers (and other Athletes) - it can serve as a detailed target/goal and increase their motivation.

However, high expectations are a double-edged sword and come with just as much negative impact that can destroy an Athlete's progress, performances and motivation if they are not careful.

This week for the PLAY LIKE A BEAST Blog - I wanted to share a video clip from one of my training lessons in my Mentorship Group (the Elite BEASTS).

Several lessons are actually intertwined in the video above - including breaking out of slumps, taking performance to new levels, and how to avoid the negative pitfalls of high expectations (and the solution).

So enjoy and until next time -

Do the work, trust the process, and stay humble.

- Jason Botts


 Jason is a Mental Hitting Coach and highly trained Peak Performance...

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Ballplayers - don't waste your time. Do this.

Uncategorized Dec 31, 2019

I’m 100% certain my “Baseball Career” could have gone one of two directions -

And the path that I chose that would lead me eventually to a 15yr professional career came one night when I was a sophomore in high school.

Perhaps the biggest misconception I find with most Ballplayer’s understanding of the Mental Game -

Is that the importance of strengthening their Mindset is not solely to feel more confident in big situations, 

Or to stay “mentally tough” during the challenges and adversities that will inevitably come during their journey -

But the missing piece that I’d like to see more player’s doing - is getting intentional with their thoughts and channeling their focus during their practices and strength/conditioning workouts.

Because -

The quality of a Ballplayer’s work ethic - will become the quality of their game results.

I’ll write that again so you know it’s important…

The quality of a...

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Becoming a Better Hitter is in the Details

Uncategorized Nov 07, 2019

Players, Coaches, and Parents often ask me, "How much is the game mental?"

My answer - it's ALL MENTAL.

Because I've found that even a Ballplayer's ability to improve their physical skills - starts in their Mind first.

It's a point I shared with my mentorship group - the Elite BEASTS - on this week's call.

When a Hitter wants to improve their swing mechanics - one of the patterns I've found that limits their progress is that hitters can be too general and too vague with exactly what they want to improve.

They end up going to the cages or practice taking hundreds of swings - going through the motions and not getting the improvements they desire.

One of my roles as a Mental Hitting Coach and Mental Skills Trainer - is to help them get clear on the details...

So that they step into a workout more focused on exactly what they need to do to improve their skills and performance -

YET - getting clear on the details also activates the...

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Be the HERO of your Story

Uncategorized Oct 02, 2019

For any Athlete that has big goals and dreams in their sport…

Whether they desire to one day make a Varsity team, or go on to play in College, or even the Pros…

I can promise for every Athlete - there will be setbacks, adversities, and obstacles along the way.

The longer an Athlete plays - the greater the failure and heartbreak they’ll need to learn to endure.

Because nobody has an easy path to making their dreams a reality (and why so few ever do).

I teach the Young Athletes I mentor to separate the “facts” from the “story” they make up in their own minds.

When working with a player who has hit a huge roadblock…

Whether they’ve been injured, or have been cut, or aren’t getting the attention from the Colleges they desire…

In those moments - they share with me the facts of the situation AND also a story of what it means about them and their future.

And too many Athletes “make up” a negative story -...

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Young Ballplayers - Why Body Language Matters

Uncategorized Sep 26, 2019

Hey, Jason Botts here.

We all know how awful bad body language looks on the field or court…

But - it’s also determining the performance (and results) of an athlete.

Here’s a quick video I made for the PLAB blog this week on how the body affects the mind - and thus a player's performance.

Until Next Time,

Aim High and Swing Hard!

 Jason is an Advanced Mindset Trainer, Performance Strategist, and former Major League Baseball Player. When not playing catch or shooting hoops with his own two sons - Jason trains, mentors and coaches Athletes of ALL ages to Increase their Performance, Achieve their Goals, and 'Live the Dream.' 

Learn more about the Elite BEASTS Mentorship Program - OCTOBER 1ST starts the next 8-week round of Jason's Live Video Training - where he personally teaches and trains this community of Highly Driven Athletes (ages 13+) to build the Advanced Mindset and Leadership Skills needed to fulfill their potential.

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3 Mental Game Goals to PLAY LIKE A BEAST

Uncategorized Sep 18, 2019

The other night I was standing and watching my oldest son at his rec fall ball game and I was approached by a 15yr old ballplayer.

The young man (who often umpires my son’s games and is always courteous and playful with them) excitedly shared that he was pitching this week in his first Varsity game.

Whether he was just proud and wanting to share or was actually looking for advice - I went from Dad/Fan-mode to FULL OUT Performance Mindset Coach in a heartbeat, lol.

In moments like those - where I may only have a few minutes to give advice, direction, and steps that truly can impact someone’s performance right away…

There are 3 Simple "Mental Game Goals” that I give.

3 Goals I believe if done at an “8” or better (more on the numbers in a moment) - it’s impossible to perform poorly.

(*Keep in mind - Performance & Results are different. A Hitter can PERFORM well with three great swings and hit three line drives right at...

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Have a Player that’s either HOT or NOT? The Solution to Inconsistency

Uncategorized Sep 05, 2019

Hey - Jason here.

The journey of an Athlete is a roller-coaster!

ALL performers go through ups and downs - hot streaks and cold streaks.

But as a player climbs the ladder - it becomes more and more important to develop consistency.

(Great Coaches build line-ups on what they can TRUST they’re getting - not on HOPES based on possible potential)

Too many Athletes - allow the environment (outside influences) to dictate their thoughts, feelings, and actions - and thus their results that day.

Years ago - I referred to that as having an “Amateur Mindset.” (And trust me there are plenty of Professionals this day in age with it, too)

But for me - a “PRO MINDSET” - is one where the Athlete TAKES CHARGE of their own thoughts, feelings, and actions…

And intentionally aligns them with the outcomes and results they want (or what they need to do to make it happen).

For those with a PRO MINDSET - the weather, the quality of the field, a negative comment from a...

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How She Shifted Her Performance Mid-Game!

Uncategorized Aug 27, 2019

Recently I got to sit down and talk “screen to screen” with one of my absolute favorite BEASTS, softballer Riley Zana (headed to play ball at Coastal Carolina next year).

We were recording a new training session on “Advanced Strategies for Visualization” for the PLAY LIKE A BEAST 2.0 program but -

When I asked her about the famous glove on the face picture (I had been told she was visualizing), I got an even more impressive answer than I expected.

(Watch the video above to see her full answer)

I was beyond proud, and impressed - because I believe that even athletes that do visualize (especially middle to high school age) still don’t understand and take advantage of all it’s uses. 

I tell the BEASTS that I work with that VISUALIZING is a lot like a STRENGTH Workout in the Gym.

A BALLPLAYER (and other sports, too) will spend 30, 40, sometimes even 60 minutes in the gym building up physical strength…

So that come game time - THEY PERFORM...

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