Becoming a Better Hitter is in the Details

Uncategorized Nov 07, 2019

Players, Coaches, and Parents often ask me, "How much is the game mental?"

My answer - it's ALL MENTAL.

Because I've found that even a Ballplayer's ability to improve their physical skills - starts in their Mind first.

It's a point I shared with my mentorship group - the Elite BEASTS - on this week's call.

When a Hitter wants to improve their swing mechanics - one of the patterns I've found that limits their progress is that hitters can be too general and too vague with exactly what they want to improve.

They end up going to the cages or practice taking hundreds of swings - going through the motions and not getting the improvements they desire.

One of my roles as a Mental Hitting Coach and Mental Skills Trainer - is to help them get clear on the details...

So that they step into a workout more focused on exactly what they need to do to improve their skills and performance -

YET - getting clear on the details also activates the reticular activating system in their brain -

The more specific details added to what a Ballplayer wants - the more their brain is turned into a goal-hunting machine looking for ways and resources to make what they want happen.

So this week - take a look at the things you want for next season...

Whether it's to be a "better hitter," to play at the "next level," or to "improve your mechanics,"

Take some time and write out the specifics and details of exactly what you want (and what it will be like when you achieve it) -

And use your Mind to improve your Physical Skills, faster.

Until next time -

Aim High and Swing Hard - LIKE A BEAST!

- Jason Botts


 Jason is a Mental Hitting Coach and highly trained Peak Performance Strategist to Athletes. Jason's unique combination of expertise in mental skills along with his relatability as a former Major League Baseball Player has helped Athletes and Ballplayers of all ages to increase their Performance, Achieve their Goals, and 'Live the Dream.' 

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