Have a Player that’s either HOT or NOT? The Solution to Inconsistency

Uncategorized Sep 05, 2019

Hey - Jason here.

The journey of an Athlete is a roller-coaster!

ALL performers go through ups and downs - hot streaks and cold streaks.

But as a player climbs the ladder - it becomes more and more important to develop consistency.

(Great Coaches build line-ups on what they can TRUST they’re getting - not on HOPES based on possible potential)

Too many Athletes - allow the environment (outside influences) to dictate their thoughts, feelings, and actions - and thus their results that day.

Years ago - I referred to that as having an “Amateur Mindset.” (And trust me there are plenty of Professionals this day in age with it, too)

But for me - a “PRO MINDSET” - is one where the Athlete TAKES CHARGE of their own thoughts, feelings, and actions…

And intentionally aligns them with the outcomes and results they want (or what they need to do to make it happen).

For those with a PRO MINDSET - the weather, the quality of the field, a negative comment from a coach or teammate - are put to the side and the player focuses on what they need to think and feel to perform their best that day.

Makenzie - a 16yr old softball player from my Elite BEASTS training was just like so many other players out there with an Amateur Mindset -


9 weeks ago when she came to the Group - I suggested that she start visualizing every day.

To see herself playing successfully, and consistently. To see herself with better mechanics, greater confidence, and more determination in her play.

I encouraged her to visualize not only before games - but each day even before practices, lessons, or conditioning workouts.

(I also suggested she visualize greater success with academics, and other aspects of life important to her, too)

Above you can watch the video clip of our conversation - and hear her share the transformational effects that daily visualizing has done for her.

After 5 years now of working with Athletes - Visualization is the NUMBER ONE tool I share with them.

From those relationships, I've found the more consistently they spend 5-7 minutes each day visualizing who and how they want to be -

I’ve found the more in charge of their own thoughts they are throughout the day (and the greater the results and consistency they achieve).

It's a time in the world - where negativity runs rampant…

It’s up to each of us to stand guard and take charge of our own minds.

And creating the habit and practice of Visualizing what we want, and who we desire to become - is the most effective way to build the mental strength to create the positivity that will allow us to take the actions we need to make our dreams happen.

So - I encourage all Athletes (and everyone else for that matter) to spend a few minutes each morning or evening visualizing...

And for those that would like the extra boost that comes from being guided through a simple, but profound visualization - I invite you to download the free "WOLF" Visualization I created for the Young Athletes I mentor here.

The "WOLF" Viz is a 6.5-minute audio set to inspiring music, that teaches, trains, and conditions Athletes to develop the extraordinary levels of perseverance it takes to turn their Dreams into Reality

It's one of the twelve Visualizations from the PLAY LIKE A BEAST 2.0 Advanced Mindset Training program.

And as I tell the BEASTS that I mentor - the roller coaster ride may never fully stop...

BUT  the stronger you develop your Mind -

the shorter the cold streaks will last, AND the longer the hot streaks will continue!

Until Next Time,

Aim High, Swing Hard, and LIVE THE DREAM!!

- Jason Botts


 Jason is an Advanced Mindset Trainer, Performance Strategist, and former Major League Baseball Player. When not playing catch or shooting hoops with his own two sons - Jason trains, mentors and coaches Athletes of ALL ages to Increase their Performance, Achieve their Goals, and 'Live the Dream.' 

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