How She Shifted Her Performance Mid-Game!

Uncategorized Aug 27, 2019

Recently I got to sit down and talk “screen to screen” with one of my absolute favorite BEASTS, softballer Riley Zana (headed to play ball at Coastal Carolina next year).

We were recording a new training session on “Advanced Strategies for Visualization” for the PLAY LIKE A BEAST 2.0 program but -

When I asked her about the famous glove on the face picture (I had been told she was visualizing), I got an even more impressive answer than I expected.

(Watch the video above to see her full answer)

I was beyond proud, and impressed - because I believe that even athletes that do visualize (especially middle to high school age) still don’t understand and take advantage of all it’s uses. 

I tell the BEASTS that I work with that VISUALIZING is a lot like a STRENGTH Workout in the Gym.

A BALLPLAYER (and other sports, too) will spend 30, 40, sometimes even 60 minutes in the gym building up physical strength…


For me - VISUALIZATION works the same way…

I encourage all the Athletes I mentor to spend 5 - 7 minutes a day visualizing because it’s proven to increase readiness for competition, elevate personal confidence, trust in their skills, and develops perseverance (at the top of most important traits for life in my opinion).

YET just like working out for 45-minutes at the gym - it’s training their mental muscles to focus clearly on what they want (and what they need to do to make it happen)...

So that come game time - they have a developed strength to more effectively move past the last pitch or to let go of other distractive thoughts, and instead - FOCUS CLEARLY ON THE RESULT THEY WANT ONE PLAY AT A TIME!

Thank you, Ry - for taking the time to help me (and many other athletes) with our call - you are a BEAST, and I can’t wait to watch the success that continues to unfold for you in the years to come!

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