Perfectionist Ballplayers - Listen to This

Uncategorized Jul 29, 2019

I wanted to try something different this week on the PLAB Blog.

I do enjoy writing - but over the last few years, I've found that Athletes learn and apply faster when they actually hear what I have to say (and how I say it).

So I recorded an audio track of this week's Mindset Performance lesson (just push play above) -

The first half may be confusing at times (but that's intentional) - I teach in metaphors and loops to help Athletes engrain the lesson at a deeper unconscious level.

So take three minutes - and listen (or your Ballplayer) to the training lesson I created for ballplayers that are "too hard on themselves."

(And if you're not a "Ballplayer" - that's ok - just another metaphor and you'll be able to apply to your sport, too)

Until Next Time,

Aim High, Swing Hard, and LIVE THE DREAM!

- Jason Botts


 Jason is an Advanced Mindset Trainer, Performance Strategist, and former Major League Baseball Player. When not playing catch or shooting hoops with his own two sons - Jason trains, mentors and coaches Athletes of ALL ages to Increase their Performance, Achieve their Goals and 'Live the Dream.' 

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