Take your Performance to the Next Level


Have you ever had a "good" game  - but felt really frustrated and discouraged that it still wasn't good enough?

High expectations are important for Ballplayers (and other Athletes) - it can serve as a detailed target/goal and increase their motivation.

However, high expectations are a double-edged sword and come with just as much negative impact that can destroy an Athlete's progress, performances and motivation if they are not careful.

This week for the PLAY LIKE A BEAST Blog - I wanted to share a video clip from one of my training lessons in my Mentorship Group (the Elite BEASTS).

Several lessons are actually intertwined in the video above - including breaking out of slumps, taking performance to new levels, and how to avoid the negative pitfalls of high expectations (and the solution).

So enjoy and until next time -

Do the work, trust the process, and stay humble.

- Jason Botts


 Jason is a highly trained Peak Performance Strategist and Life Mentor to...

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