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Hey, Jason Botts here.

The quality of an Athlete's performance (and the speed in which they improve their skills) is in direct relation to the quality of the mental and emotional state they're in -

And since I retired from my Major League Baseball and 15yr Professional career I've coached and trained Athletes exclusively on building an Advanced Mindset to maximize their training and performance.


The Elite BEASTS is a private mentorship group I lead for Athletes that want to -

  • Develop a Master's Mindset and Approach to their sport - one that is deliberate and intentional to improving their skills and increasing their performance faster
  • Learn PRO-Level Mindset Techniques & Strategies to separate themselves from their Peers
  • Get Advice & Performance Coaching before Tournaments, Showcases, Camps & Recruiting Visits 
  • Get effective solutions and strategies to channel Nerves, and overcome Stress, & Overwhelm (on AND off the field)
  • Learn how to be in charge and control their own Confidence & Trust levels
  • Get the most out of their practice/training time and learn the step by step systems to balance sport/life/academics 
  • Take Consistency & Overall Performance Results to the Next Level (and the one after that)

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  • Calls are MONDAY Nights at 8:00pm EST
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  • 75 Minutes
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Elite BEASTS Course Outline:

At the opening of each Elite BEASTS call, Jason provides a 20-30 minute "Mental Performance Lesson" for the Athletes.

After that, Jason dedicates the remaining time to answering questions and coaching the Athletes to get the most out of their next weeks lessons, practices and games with the advanced mindset tools they're learning.

Each round of Elite BEASTS is different and unique in it's Mental Performance lessons, Mindset Techniques and Player Questions.


with the majority of the group's Athletes prepping for Spring Seasons  -

The Intention will be learning, applying, and building Advanced Mindset Performance Strategies to get their skills ready and Mental State prepared for outstanding seasons.

Athletes will learn -

  • The 5-step Master System - to help them maximize their time, development and ability to make adjustments on the fly
  • How to set up a daily routine to set their outcomes, maximize their time, and how to use the power of visualization to speed up their progress
  • How to create Anchors that will allow them to step into High-Performance States in an instant
  • How to get specific with the details of what they want so they can increase their deliberate actions
  • How to Progress their Talent & Skills faster during practices, lessons, and workouts.
  • Overcoming the Pressure to jump performance from "Good" to "Great" in 2020


Questions? Email [email protected]

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Jason Botts on the Elite BEASTS - more about this one of a kind Training and Community of Driven Athletes...


"I’ve been with Coach Botts for two years now, and two of his BEAST groups. Looking back I was a little skeptical at first. As a softball player, I already had a decent amount of success but I was looking for the edge that would get me to the next level that I wanted to play at. After hours of training, visualizations, mentoring and phone calls with Coach Botts, I can honestly say this is the best state my mind has ever been in on and off the field. A lot of people have a hard time believing in the mental game but, I can’t even explain how important it is. Playing at a higher level, you can definitely tell the difference between those that study the mental game and those that don’t. I recommend this training for any athlete looking to get to the next level or reach their goals."

Riley Zana
Softball 2020, (Coastal Carolina Commit)

"He has helped transform her Mindset and Confidence Level and so so so much more! Jason has done just what his program says it does! THANK YOU and THANK YOU for bringing out the BEAST! Any parent that has a kid/s playing a sport, I recommend Jason! "

Mother of A'Kili Greene
Softball 2022, Lousiana

"The PLAY LIKE A BEAST program has helped me grow and thrive in both my academics and athletics. Learning how to visualize and control my thoughts has helped me grow as a person and an athlete. Visualizing has helped me in the classroom with tests, on the field and during training. Being on calls with the other Elite Beasts has allowed me to get answers to not only to the questions that I have, BUT ALSO answers to problems I may face in the future. If you want to take your game to the next level, I would definitely recommend PLAY LIKE A BEAST!!"

Makenzie Droddy
Softball 2021

"Through the (Elite) BEAST program, I've learned to create "movies" about being successful in my mind before games and before anything challenging. This has allowed me to shake out any doubt of failure and make me more mentally focused. The program has made me become a stronger player by simplifying anything that could be in the way so that I can completely focus on what is important and what can lead to me being successful. Jason is also one of the easiest people to talk to and has really helped work out mental blocks."

Ryan Gallegos
Softball, 2020, (University of North Texas Commit)

"I've learned how to elevate the way I play by using my thought process positively. By truly understanding what confidence is and how to visualize, I am now able to apply that not only in games but in my training, goal-setting, and even in school."

Emma Barnes
Softball, Ohio, 2021

"During the past year, my son has had both 1-on-1 lessons with Jason and participated in group trainings in the Elite BEASTS program. I can definitely see the difference in him! His confidence and ability to deal with difficult situations - both on and off the baseball field - has improved tremendously!"

Kim Edwards
Mother of Cade, 13, Baseball

"Jason has been a terrific mentor for my daughter. He provides her tools that she can use in softball, school, and life, to channel the competitive spirit. He challenges her to own the process and fully implement the tools."

Father of Emily Jonte
Softball, 2022

"Working with Jason in the Elite Beast I and II group training has made a big difference in my confidence at the plate (and in the classroom). There is so much going on during a game that being able to better focus through visualization and proper breathing has allowed me to up my impact. I used to think that hitting off of a tee, soft toss and live pitching were the only ways to improve my batting but have found out that working with my brain and lungs are just as important. I am not sure I am an Elite Beast yet but I look forward to becoming one after continuing to work with Jason. The more gates I can walk through the better."

Eloise Facher
Pittsburgh, Softball 2023

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