"High-aiming Hitters and Ballplayers that dream of playing at elite colleges or even the pros...

there is so much I want to teach you that I learned from my 15-year career as a professional player."

- Jason Botts

Eight months ago...

when I first began writing HBWT I had my two big-league dreaming sons in mind.

I wanted to put in one place every story, every lesson, every ounce of hitting wisdom their daddy had learned to be a successful professional hitter over his 15-year career.

With them as my inspiration, I held nothing back…

And began to share not only the inspiring stories, and the triumphant moments - but just as importantly - I dove into the mistakes that I made and the heartbreaks I endured before eventually persevering and reaching my boyhood dream of becoming a Major Leaguer.

Yet, as all the stories began to tie together, and I saw the true impact of HBWT for ballplayers - I felt it was a gift that I should share with them all.

Now - with the first set of orders just sent out - I’m excited for aspiring college and professional ballplayers to dive into this workbook. Because I know they’re getting so much more than what they think they’re getting.

The gripping emotional stories I tell, the questions I provide, and the lessons I share about the mindset and art of being a great hitter and ballplayer - once these up-and-comers hold the book in their hands and read its pages - I know it will absolutely be career (and life) changing for them.

I have no doubts this workbook edition for them is worth 10X or even 100X its cost.

I have no doubts HAVE BAT, WILL TRAVEL: A Career Full of Lessons will one day be known as one of the most significant guides for hitters and ballplayers that are pursuing huge baseball ambitions.

I have no doubts you (or your ballplayer) will be absolutely grateful for choosing to read and complete this workbook edition...

But…you’ll just have to get it and see for yourself.

Aim High and Swing Hard!

- JB

What is HAVE BAT, WILL TRAVEL: A Career Full of Lessons (the workbook)?

  • It's the emotional behind-the-curtains story of Jason's baseball career beginning from a small California town and his journey through a fifteen-year professional career and the Major Leagues.
  • "HB, WT" contains the lessons he learned from his successes, and his failures. As well as stories about what he learned from the game's best hitters.
  • Also includes his 108 BEAST Mindset lessons, the HIT LIKE A BEAST drills, and his HEART OF HITTING stories - all designed to radically transform up-and-coming hitters' approaches (and their success) in the batter's box.
  • This special workbook edition also includes nearly 100 questions intentionally crafted for hitters and ballplayers to help them build the unstoppable self-confidence, trust in their skills, and perseverance needed to achieve their biggest goals and dreams in baseball.

Who's HAVE BAT, WILL TRAVEL: A Career Full of Lessons (the workbook) for?

  • It's for highly-committed ballplayers ranging from middle school to high school to the college level.
  • It's for mechanically solid hitters ready to move past the superficial aspects of their swing - and who are ready to learn and apply the deeper structures of the art of successful hitting.
  • It's for ballplayers who are open and willing to learn how to increase their performance by improving their mental skills.
  • It's for those that passionately love the game of baseball, and who are willing to do whatever it takes to be the best they can be.



Read the HAVE BAT, WILL TRAVEL's Introduction

Get a free preview of Jason's writing and a more detailed explanation behind the book's inspiration and its immense value for up-and-coming ballplayers that his story and lessons will provide on their own journey through the game.

Read the INTRO here

Read one of the HEART OF HITTING Lessons from HAVE BAT, WILL TRAVEL

Get another sneak peek to one of Jason's personal stories of what it takes to be successful long-term in the batter's box.

Read a HEART OF HITTING Lesson here

About the actual workbook...

  • The workbook edition is a nicely bonded 8.5" X 11" copy.
  • It's  270 pages in length (and over 83,000 words)
  • Contains Jason story through baseball, his 108 BEAST MINDSET principles, HEART OF HITTING lessons, and HIT LIKE A BEASTS drills 
  • Also contains nearly 100 questions for hitters and ballplayers to radically transform their development, performance, and fulfillment on the ballfield

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