for Serious Baseball & Softball Hitters 

Get an advanced education on the Mental Side of Hitting -

& develop a Mastery Mindset Approach to faster improve your Swing Mechanics & your Performance


Created by Mental Skills Coach and former Major League OF/1B - Jason Botts


If you want to become the best Hitter you can be...

Then developing a Strong Mental Game in the Batter's Box is an absolute MUST

In the 12-week Video Training Course -

HIT LIKE A BEAST: the Mental Side of Hitting

- you'll learn the lessons, exercises and step by step systems to:

  • have a Mastery Approach to engraining your swing mechanics into a habit faster
  • the 5-step Hitting Approach to be mentally prepared for your game or at-bat (and you'll learn to do it pitch to pitch to make faster adjustments)
  • how to properly visualize to improve your mechanics, game performances, and reach biggest season goals
  • how to channel nerves into creating your best performances
  • the solutions to the six biggest mental mistakes that (all) Hitters make
  • how to stop the replays of bad at-bats or games
  • how to improve or get your timing and trust back
  • how to take the charge out of performance anxiety
  • how to create anchors of high-performance states - that instantly get you ready to hit
  • how to use your mind and body to "slow the ball" down when hitting
  • how to build an overall Professional Hitting Approach in the batter's box


And many more Professional Mindset Strategies & Tips

Hey, Jason Botts here.

This is a training course that I put everything I've ever learned or experienced with the Mental aspects of Hitting -

Some lessons are based off of what I did or learned from others during my 15yr Professional and Major League career -

Others are based off the advanced Mindset, Neuroscience and High-Performance Modeling Trainings I've gone through since retiring -

But this entire program is based on step by step teaching procedures - the lessons, techniques and systems that have been developed through my experience of thousands of hours of working as a Mental Hitting Coach with real Hitters - getting them real results.

Meaning - watch the training video each week, answer the workbook questions, do the assignments over the next 7 days, and you too will dramatically improve your mechanics and your performance in the batter's box.

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The HIT LIKE A BEAST online video course consists of:

  • 12-weeks of Training Videos (1 instantly available & 1 delivered each week after)
  • Over 5 hours of total video running time
  • Once received - videos are easily accessible (and will be kept in Member's login to view anytime)
  • A 113pg PDF Workbook (w/ reviews, assignments, bonus content & 200 questions to discover the Hitter you are, and to plot the course to Hitter you desire to be)


HIT LIKE A BEAST - is a Career Changer for those Hitters that desire to step into their full potential.



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Get the HITTERS ONLY 2020 Visualization sent to you (listen to the clip below)

Created for Hitters that I work with - this 8-min pregame/pre-practice audio set to motivating music will lock-in focus and trust so you can take your best swings in the batter's box -

(*please note* if you previously downloaded the LION Viz you will need to use a separate email to receive the Hitter's Viz)



Get the HITTERS ONLY 2020 Visualization

This 8-min pregame/pre-practice audio will get focus and trust locked-in to go take your best swings in the batter's box

(*please note* if you've previously downloaded the LION Viz - you will need to use an alternate email to receive the Hitters Viz)