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FIRST - let me tell you about "LTD" -

I grew up with my mother in a small town in the middle-of-nowhere California (darn near paradise tho).

Even in the youngest years, I can remember as a child - she would write "LTD" on everything of mine - lunch sacks, birthday cards, even had a necklace engraved on it.

"LTD" was our code for "LIVE THE DREAM."

And growing up like most young boys - my DREAM was to become a MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL PLAYER.

At 15 - I made the decision to turn that boyhood dream into an actual GOAL when I wrote out on a piece of paper, "I will play in the MLB when I am 25."

(Now at the time - it was totally unrealistic. I was a big kid but was struggling as a relief pitcher on the Varsity team and on no college or pro scouts radar )

After writing my goal down - the thought of "No way, I'm not good enough" kept replaying in my mind.

But then a new string of thoughts came (I swear from the heavens above) -

"What if I became a Master of the Mental Game?"

"What if I could use it to grow my skills, develop my athleticism, and dramatically improve my performance and get noticed?"

"Maybe if I fully commit myself to Mental Training- then one day - I can step on that MLB field as a player."

That moment and those thoughts - changed the direction of my life forever.

The next day I went to the book store (remember when there was no amazon?) and got two books on the Mental Game of Baseball.

I became obsessed with reading, re-reading and practicing every word in them.

AND YES - over the next couple years my Game came together - I'd make first-team All-league the next season, go on to be League MVP the following after and more honors and accolades followed in Junior College.

Then in the year 2000 - I came home from a morning workout with two messages on my Answering Machine (remember those?)...

One - from the Head Coach of the #1 College Team in the Country with a Scholarship Offer -

And the Other - from a Texas Rangers Scout saying they were ready to sign me and have me start my professional career.

After a long conversation with my mother - I chose the latter - when she finally looked at me and softly said, "LTD."

4.5 yrs later - I would be called up to the Major Leagues (9 days shy of 25th birthday)

From 15 to 25 - I developed into a strong, athletic, well-skilled power hitter -

BUT I have full certainty NONE OF IT WOULD HAVE HAPPENED without the time, energy and investment in my Mental Training -

Through strengthening my Mind - I was able to get more out of my practices to build skills faster, more out of my workouts to develop speed and power faster, and the confidence, trust and focus techniques I learned - translated into consistent performances.

Throughout my Career - the understanding and importance of my Mental Game only grew -

AND by 2007 (half-way through my Pro Career) - I KNEW I WOULD BECOME A TEACHER, TRAINER, AND COACH to help other Athletes develop and strengthen their Mindset.

When that day of retirement came - I immediately began signing up for courses and trainings to get certified.

Of all the training though - none would blow my own mind like Neuro-Linguistic Programming. NLP has been viewed by some as a pseudo-psychology - BUT I saw a Model of Models -

AND exactly what Athletes needed to learn how to MAXIMIZE their Performance.

I'd become a Master Practitioner after 1.5yrs of training at NLP Training Concepts in Dallas, Texas - then go on to work with the Master Trainer privately each week for the next year (Excited to begin being Trained as a Trainer this Fall).

It's not the only model I use with Athletes - but the structure, techniques, processes, and presuppositions have been the most effective I've used to raise performance in Athletes (my only regret is wishing someone taught me this model when I played).

So I'd go on to start PEAK STATE, which has now expanded to LIKE A BEAST - and I've had the honor and privilege now to work with Athletes from all across the country, of all different Sports and Ages.

There have been mornings of waking up at 6 am for a call before a game - others staying up until 2 am to talk after. Whatever was needed - whatever it took to help them - 

Because of that sound, I hear in their voice talking about their sport - that sound of passion and desire to "LTD," too.

Feel free to reach out with any questions or for more info on the Advanced Mindset Training Programs of LIKE A BEAST - that produces real results for Highly Driven Athletes.

Until then,

Aim High, Swing Hard and Smile Often.

Jason Botts






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