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There's never been a better or more important time to join the Group training as we are breaking down step-by-step the BEAST LAWS - the Code of Personal Conduct & Standards to transform performance.

The path to each BEAST LAW comes in 4 stages, and more than 90% of young athletes are STUCK AT STAGE 2 and very few will ever reach stage 3 on their own.

The BEAST LAWS go way beyond "mental skills" or mindset and helps athletes get real and honest with exactly where they're at, the effort they're putting out, their fears and limitations, and then gives them a code, a map, an internal framework that guides their decisions and actions each moment to live and get the most out of each day and their physical potential.

Skills that I've taught in the past such as breathing, visualization, goal-setting are important, BUT THEY ARE ONLY SURFACE LEVEL compared to the work done with the BEAST LAWS.

The 12 BEAST LAWS are about taking ownership of who they are by what goes through their mind each day and the actions they take in relevance to their goals and dreams. Nothing is more transformational on the journey for an Athlete than living by this Code day in and day out.


Overall, the purpose of the Elite BEASTS Mentorship Program is to give Student-Athletes the tools, perspective and guidance to handle the pressure and challenges that arise both on and off the field - through the relatable voice of an Athlete who has navigated the path to the top in his own career.

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What Families & Athletes are Saying about the BEAST Mentorship...

"He has helped transform her Mindset and Confidence Level and so so so much more! Jason has done just what his program says it does! THANK YOU and THANK YOU for bringing out the BEAST! Any parent that has a kid/s playing a sport, I recommend Jason!" - Mother of A'Kili Greene, Softball 2023

"During the past year, my son has been with Jason and participated in group trainings in the Elite BEASTS program. I can definitely see the difference in him! His confidence and ability to deal with difficult situations - both on and off the baseball field - has improved tremendously!" - Mother of Cade Edwards, Baseball, 2024

“I’ve been with Coach Botts for two years now, and two of his BEAST groups. Looking back I was a little skeptical at first. As a softball player, I already had a decent amount of success but I was looking for the edge that would get me to the next level that I wanted to play at. I can honestly say this is the best state my mind has ever been in on and off the field. A lot of people have a hard time believing in the mental game but, I can’t even explain how important it is. Playing at a higher level, you can definitely tell the difference between those that study the mental game and those that don’t. I recommend this training for any athlete looking to get to the next level or reach their goals.” - Riley Zana, Incoming Freshman at Coastal Carolina U. Softball




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