What age should a player start training their Mindset?

Between the ages of 8-12 is a crucial time for young Athletes to develop their physical skills

- however -

with their rapid ability to learn (and not forget it) these golden years are also an incredible time to develop positive Mental Performance habits such as deep breathing, visualization, positive self-talk, and confident body language -

that will serve as a strong foundation for their continued success in the game's more challenging years to come.

Hey, Jason Botts here.

As a former Major League Baseball player, a Mental Coach & Mentor to Athletes, and as a Father of two boys who love playing Sports (ages 8 & 10) -

I've learned quite a bit about what it takes to show up and consistently play to one's potential (at any age or stage).

And while my days and weekends are dedicated to working with high-level high school, college and professional athletes -

I find myself most nights each week at the ballfields or courts watching my sons and their teammates.

And it never ceases to amaze me how much performance anxiety, nerves, doubt, and frustration that are being shown during competition at the earliest ages.

All these ailments are already beginning to affect their performance now, and are early signs that I know from my experience will hold a young Athlete back from progressing into a successful player down the road.

That's why - I've been more outspoken recently about two of the LIKE A BEAST programs that I know are incredibly beneficially for Younger Athletes -


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4 Steps to PEAK STATE

This 7 Video (69min) Online Course I stopped sharing as a result of beginning to work with more experienced performers that needed more in-depth training -

Yet, with it's simple lessons on RESPA breathing, confident body language, visualization, channeling nerves/focus and dealing with adversity -

This program is absolutely perfect for Young Athletes (ages 8-12) who can step by step begin learning the habits of a strong mental game foundation that will improve their performance now, and into the years to come.

(View a clip from 4 Steps to PEAK STATE below)

Get 4 Steps to PEAK STATE - $57
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are short audios I created to serve both as easy to remember Mental Performance lessons (through stories of Animals) and also serve as powerful meditations/visualizations -

By allowing time for the athlete to "see and feel" themselves playing with each mental performance principle.

These audios are my personal favorite for my sons, too.

My youngest, after a stretch of playing hesitant and showing signs of fear of making mistakes - I put on a routine of listening to the audios that teach the importance of failure, and acting confident during adversity.

My older son, incredibly loud with high-energy and a brain that goes faster than his body lol - is prone to anxious thoughts and nerves like many kids today.

 I keep a close eye on him and when I see early signs - I lay down with him and listen to audios like the FALCON, the CROCODILE, or the TIGER.

Not only do I know he's learning incredibly useful mindset principles that will help him on the field AND throughout his life - but the meditative form of the lessons have an amazing soothing and calming affect on him.

In fact, in our home, the BEAST audios are used as much to keep the boys' energy calm and relaxed - as it is used to improve their sports performance!

Also, it's incredibly important to note that imagery and visualization is far more impactful for children than teenagers/adults.

With less of their conscious mind developed before puberty - kids have a distinct advantage to use visualization to improve their skills faster and change behaviors quicker than adults who visualize.

Sample "the WOLF" Visualization 



$57 (now $100 off)

All 12 Visualizations & Bonus Video/Audio Training

  • Including the lessons of the TIGER, CHEETAH, GORILLA, EAGLE, MONGOOSE, LION & more -
  • 7 Video Clips from the Elite BEASTS training
  • Audio Interviews with two MLB All-Star Players talking Mindset
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